Addiction Treatment Program

Our Program

VALET Recovery Center is an Intense Outpatient Program, located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. We believe our program is the ultimate treatment program in Sweden. We combine traditional cognitive therapy, Minnesota Modell, Community Resource Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Community Reinforcement Family Therapy as well as staying current in all new evidence based therapy and medical approaches. We at VALET Recovery Center believe in an individualized approach; seeing the clients needs from physiological, mental, biochemical and environmental.  

We have an educated, sophisticated and experienced staff. If you are ready to turn your "stumbling blocks into stepping stones" we invite you to call for help today. Ask us about our innovative treatment approaches, world-class experiential programs and our nurturing environment.

Primary Addiction Treatment

Our innovative and unique addiction treatment program at VALET Recovery Center is designed to meet the early needs and issues faced by those suffering from any and all addictions including family issues, as we begin our road to recovery. Addiction services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, licensed professionals, certified counselors, nutritionists, physiatrists and others with extensive experience in addiction treatment.

Addiction free world - recovery for all

“Recovery For All” The foundation for all our activities at VALET Recovery Center is based on the objective of arresting this terrible malady of addiction. We use therapy, education and right brain activities to provide the needed skill set for early recovery. Our therapeutic program is made up of Individual counseling, group therapy, experiential therapy, psycho-educational lectures, Family and marital sessions and a vigorous experience in the Minnesota Modell, 12-step program.

Extended Treatment

The men and women who complete our program take with them the recovery skills they learned in treatment and use them their entire life. Recovery is about a lot more than not drinking or using. It is about lives well lived! While we never talk about the cure for addiction, it doesn't have to be a battle. Men and women the worlds over are getting better from this malady on a daily basis. The treatment programs at VALET Recovery Center can and do turn lives around!

For more information about our programs, facilities and staff please call +46 (0)31 42 49 40 or send us an e-mail